Insist on Quality, Insist on Environmental Sustainability

Over the years, Stem have continued to evolve and is diligent in applying best management practices in manufacturing technologies, plant and equipment. Throughout the company's history, we have been widely endorsed as:

  • Quality Endorsed Company to AS/NZS 9001:2008
  • Quality Endorsed Company to ISO 14001
  • Australian Government Endorsed Supplier
  • Member of BuySafe and Blue Tick
  • Member of Furntech (AFRDI)
  • AFRDI Green Tick Sustainable Standard: Commercial Furniture

Quality Endorsed Company to AS/NZS 9001:2008

Stem is a Quality Endorsed company using the Quality Management System with ISO 9001 certification, the world's most recognised business management standard. With a strong focus on quality, reliability, safety and customer satisfaction we adhere to strict guidelines and apply best practice for continuous improvement and guaranteed business success for our clients.

Quality Endorsed Company to ISO 14001

Stem is a Quality Endorsed Company using the environmental management system with ISO 14001 certification. This is a strict internationally accepted standard that specifies the requirements for a structured management approach to environmental protection. This certification is a direct reflection of our passion for environmental sustainability and our dedication to reducing our environmental impact.

We have successfully developed and implemented our policy that addresses environmental responsibility issues.

Stem is a strong advocate for and is committed to environmental best management in every aspect of the business. For further information go to our environment page.

Australian Government Endorsed Supplier

Stem is proud to be recognised as an Australian Government Endorsed Supplier. Our well-established relationships continues to flourish with valued contracts with Federal and State Governments and Municipal Authorities throughout Australia.

Member of BuySafe and Blue Tick

While Stem insists on the highest quality products and service levels, we also demand excellence in customer service. It is our utmost respect for our valued clients that we are an active member of BuySafe and Blue Tick. As an organisation, we believe that we must provide our clients with increased buying confidence, safety and quality.

Member of Furntech (AFRDI)

Stem are members of the Australian Furniture Research and Development Institute (AFRDI). Manufacturing the highest quality commercial furniture, Stem provide an onsite warranty, full service and repair and AFRDI testing on its products. The AFRDI stringent testing protocols indicate that the products have been rigorously tested by an independent body, providing a clear guide to consumers that their chosen product is of the highest standard and quality.

AFRDI Green Tick Sustainable Standard: Commercial Furniture

Stem has undertaken to maintain its commitment to environmental standards in addressing sustainability objectives. As well as its products being tested Stems manufacturing facilities are also tested. Stems commitment to the environment extends to its supply chain. Suppliers to Stem must meet Stems environment requirements.