Stem Screen 50

Stem Screen 50

Direction 50mm Screen System - Versatile, functional and affordable system to suit most office applications. Cat 5 and Cat 6 compliant. Direction 50 can be hard or soft wired, and services can be located below or above worktops.

System Type
Solid Panel

Screen Thickness

Screen Heights
Standard Heights:
1000 - 1200 - 1350 - 1500 - 1650 - 1800 - 2100mm
Screens are also available in custom increment heights
Also available are desk mounted screens up to 500mm

Screen Widths
Standard Widths:
Screens are also available in custom increments widths

Screen Framework
Powder coated Aluminum

Screen Surfaces
Glass (clear-tinted-frosted)
Metal Tiles (plain-perforated)
Function Wall
Pinboard (behind fabric)

Power / Data Ducting
Concealed Internally
Mid Height (above desk)
Skirt Height (bottom of screen)
Special Heights are also available
Fully Segregated
Softwire or Hard Wire compatible
CAT 5 or CAT 6 compatible

Top & End Capping
Square or Rounded profile

Junction Poles
50mm x 50mm

Power Poles
50mm x 50mm
Also available are power blade

Desk Brackets
Small Desk Brackets (HBF)
Large Desk Brackets (BC)
-Fixed to grooves in vertical posts of screens

Hamper (lockable if required)
Mobile Pedestals
Telephone Holder
Telephone Book Holder
A4 – Foolscap Paper Tray
A3 – Landscape Paper Tray
Pen Holder
Name Tag Holder