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Stem Products

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Welcome to Stem

Founded in 1976, Stem quickly secured its position as an industry leader in the design, manufacture and supply of commercial office furniture.

Operating from state of the art facilities in Victoria, Stem produces and distributes quality products for clients throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our products are designed to meet the highest industry standards for Australia and internationally. We provide excellence in customer service from the initial consultation and continue with our post purchase servicing and support.

Stem has well established licensing agreements with major international brands, distributing goods to satisfied clients across Australia and New Zealand. Our high levels of customer satisfaction can be attributed to the exceptional quality and longevity of our office furniture, unparalleled levels of expertise and excellent customer service.

As an internationally acclaimed company, we are the preferred supplier to many corporate companies and are an Endorsed Supplier to the Australian Federal and State Governments and Municipal Authorities. Our intelligent seating and innovative designs have continued to secure our position as recognised industry leaders for the past 40 years. We design and manufacture our industry accredited seating on sound ergonomic principles. Stem seating is designed and built to accommodate unique body types and adjusts for changes in body posture and size while maintaining contemporary aesthetic and ergonomic qualities.